Ben jij klaar voor het nieuwe schooljaar vol yoga? Check onze yogakledij en voel je heerlijk op de mat. Happy shopping!
Ben jij klaar voor het nieuwe schooljaar vol yoga? Check onze yogakledij en voel je heerlijk op de mat. Happy shopping!
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Let yourself bloom

After what seemed like forever, spring has finally sprung. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been longing for this moment since, well, last spring. The feeling of renewal and endless possibilities lingers in the air and it’s time to grasp those opportunities. This spring, let yourself blossom! It’s not about being perfect, it’s about being the best version of yourself. A version that keeps things in balance (yes, that includes a chocolate now and then), that is kind to itself and that radiates happiness and positivity.

Sounds good?

Here are some tips to bring out your inner blossom:

> Surround yourself with positive people

Do you really need to go out to lunch with that friend who does nothing but complaining, gossiping and sighing? I didn’t think so neither.

> Go outside

A little bit of sunshine or a rainy day: it doesn’t really matter, being outside will do you good whatever the weather. Take a walk in the park and take some long nice breaths while doing so. Even if it’s only 5 minutes: you’ll feel recharged afterwards. That’s a promise.

> Listen to your body

When we are balanced, we crave the food our body needs. So, listen carefully, the voice saying you want fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, nuts and loads of other nutrients will speak louder than the one saying you need a bottle of wine. A glass is fine though!

> Move

We sit in our cars, then behind our desks and then on the couch watching Netflix. And then we are wondering why we are so tired? Get your ass up and move. Find an activity that’s really up your ally: a nice yoga class, a run with a friend or… go out dancing. That counts as moving too. Just leave out the tequila shots please.

> Spoil yourself

Yes, you read it right! Spoil yourself! Being kind to yourself is so important. With our busy days we often forget to take a breath, stand still and take some time for ourselves. Plan your me time into your agenda as if it were the most important meeting in your schedule. Yes, we’re talking meeting with the CEO kind of priority. After all: you are the CEO of your life. Take a bath, do a meditation, go for a run: whatever makes you smile.

And above all: enjoy the sunshine and be kind to yourself

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